Discover Gull Lake is an agile group of people focused on communication & collaboration. Our goal is to provide information and unique perspectives on what makes Gull Lake so special and the Lake Lifestyle.

We've put something pretty special together here.

Our Philosophy

Gull Lake holds a special place in the lifestyle of so many who've experienced it. We feel there is an importance in showing how much this lake is a part of our local community.

Together we can make it even better for future generations.

Our Mission

Discover Gull Lake is committed to promoting a healthy, active, and fun lifestyle while capturing the unique beauty of Gull Lake, Michigan.

Join us.

Discover Gull Lake Team

Bill Sikkema, Realtor, Gull Lake Michigan, Berkshire Hathaway

Bill Sikkema

Bill is a 4th generation Gull Lake resident with the vision to promote and showcase Gull Lake in the light only a local could produce. Currently living on Crescent Beach, all of Bill’s Grandparents lived in the Wildwood area.

Jon Petro Jr., Innovative Aerial Media, Gull Lake, Michigan

Jon Petro Jr.
Lead Designer

Jon is the CEO and Founder of Innovative Media Group LLC who’s keen eye and expert usage of camera and drone photography keep everything in a special light.